Release : 6/3/07
Genre : Metalcore/hardcore
Country : United States

Emmure , with their debut Album "Say Goodbye to the Gallows" is quite a stunner for a debutant.Emmure's music comprises mixed elements of hardcore, emo, punk, and even death metal to produce a hard and heavy sound that will make your parent’s ears bleed. Emmure is a band that play melodic metalcore, they sound almost like The Acacia Strain, only The Acacia Strain never added the melodic part to their band but mind you ! Emmure is no rip off band .This is also the album that i keep listenin to very often as its one of the years best so far with brutal riffs and harsh vocals with pretty intense breakdown in the guitar and some pretty simple drumwork, then the vocals come in , which makes the album stand apart from their
counterparts .The only downside being ,only 10 songs and total play time not exceeding 30 minutes but overall in my opinion this is a solid debut from Emmure and i highly recommend this album to everyone. If you enjoy parkway drive or my bitter end then this album sure deserves its place in your rack.

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